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Sally Inspires

1 month ago


Calling all Spring Racing lovers! In honour of our new Complete Salon Manicure Spring Colour Collection we've teamed up with Spring Racing Fashion Authority @KateWaterhouse7 to share her top styling and race day tips so you can look flawless from hand to toe on every race day!

Heading to the Spring Carnival? Then act now to stop split nails in their tracks. Nail Rehab is the winning... http://t.co/6v0AJnKj4y
1 week ago


2 weeks ago


Our Spring Racing Fashion Authority Kate Waterhouse is enjoying the Moet and Chandon Races in Sally Hansen style. Who else is enjoying the races today?

6 days ago


Too many Spring Colours to choose from? Why not pair Sheer Ecstacy with a Peach of Cake feature nail to make a bold statement this Mani Monday.
Repost from @heart_petal.

Thanks to our new Spring Colour Collection, we are offering you the chance to WIN a $5000 Spring wardrobe! Head... http://t.co/541DuZZkXd
2 days ago
Dare to go bold this Spring with the choice of two blue hue's from our NEW Spring Colour Collection. Watercolour... http://t.co/O5YoxmWSGP
1 week ago