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Sally Inspires

Be bold and bright, it's Monday! We're loving Nikkia Joy's Miracle Gel mani in Shock Wave to beat the Monday... http://t.co/72MjByOMOY
6 months ago
4 days ago


@Zon17 shared her #AllChalkedUp pic with us, and we just had to share with you this #ManiMonday ❤ What shade are you wearing today? #SallyHansenAU

Simply stunning red? Pretty pink gradient? Sweet hearts? What's your favourite love-themed nail design? http://t.co/HrByHkhAU7
5 months ago
10 hours ago


Friday night cocktail time! #Greyfitti looks great against a bright cocktail… just saying! #SallyHansenAU

1 month ago


#SpiceAge is our chosen shade to get us through the rest of the week. What's your #humpday shade choice? #SallyHansenAU